Protecting the environment is one of the most important challenges facing us today. At Operational, we are passionate about working towards a clean, sustainable future for industry across Europe and beyond.

Operational’s Air Pollution Control systems make a real difference to air quality by removing visible, odorous and noxious emissions from manufacturing processes. Non-compliance with air pollution regulations can threaten business with statutory penalties, which can seriously impact on production and profitability. Operational’s air pollution control systems for treating process pollutants, both gaseous and particulates, are at the forefront of technology achieving more than 99% efficiency air purification for the majority of our projects.

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Operational creates bespoke systems, engineered around your unique manufacturing plant’s processes and systems, to provide air pollution control for a wide range of industrial applications. We offer superior performance at optimum investment value.

The many industries utilising expert air pollution control our systems, include: –
  • Flexible Packaging.
  • Textiles Industry.
  • Automobile Manufacturing.
  • Food Processing.
  • Fish and Animal By-Products.
  • Pharmaceutical Industry.
  • Waster Transfer Stations.
  • In-Vessel Composting.

The application of pollution control technology used by Operational is diverse. Our engineering teams bring knowledge and experience gained over 30 years enabling them to fully understand your process and provide a bespoke air pollution control system which is, engineered around you.

Recent extreme weather highlights global warming as a huge threat to us all. Our engineering team at Operational is fully committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and pollution which affects our atmosphere. We use our skills, experience, and knowledge to support industry worldwide in preserving clean air for future generations.

Operational engineers will build a Service & Maintenance contract based on a full understanding of your practical and economic requirements. We are a reliable and trusted partner to industry worldwide, enabling every client to focus on their particular business activity with confidence and security.