Carbon Adsorption System at Food Processing Plant

Simdean Group, a member of the Operational Group of companies have successfully designed, installed and commissioned a second new carbon adsorption system at a large food processing plant situated in a town called Naas in Co. Kildare, Ireland.

Installed August/September 2018

The Problem
Our client manufactures and packages a huge range of Pasta products on a mass scale. The process includes cooking odorous herbs and spices which consequentially caused smells for the local residents.

The client had received numerous complaints from the neighbours locally. A solution was urgently needed to ensure the factory could continue to operate on a 24hr, 7 days per week basis.

The Solution
The food production company contacted Simdean Group Ltd. who were very happy to discuss the issues, survey the site, and design an appropriate system in order to solve the odour problem. In this particular case the best solution was to use a medium sized carbon adsorber, powered by a fan unit via a fresh air mixing chamber and a range of ductwork. The plant was controlled via various pressure and temperature sensors located within the system and feeding all information into a PLC. The whole system would be automatically controlled via auto-dampers to regulate temperature and humidity and energy use is minimised by the use of inverter control on the prime mover which in this case is a centrifugal fan unit.

The Installation
Space was at a premium therefore Simdean developed an efficient design for a structural gantry within an existing plant enclosure and allowing access to existing plant, this proved very successful. The 6-tonne odour control system was installed onto the steel platform with full access to the plant to enable ease of maintenance in the future. Mechanical and electrical installations were completed in just over two weeks and the plant was handed over on time and within budget to everyone’s satisfaction.

The entire system was commissioned within 2 days and after trials and a running in period the customer was extremely pleased with the result. All odours from the process have been effectively contained and are treated efficiently by the plant.

Included within the system is a built-in facility to enable on going odour monitoring and testing of the carbon within the unit thereby allowing operators to determine the most cost-effective time to maintain the equipment and replace the activated carbon.

Future Maintenance
The Simdean carbon adsorber is designed in such a way as to enable ease of maintenance especially when unloading and replacing the activated carbon. This unloading/reloading process can easily be achieved in under half a day thereby minimising plant shutdown time with potential loss of production.

All Simdean systems are designed with flexibility of operation in mind, thus with variable speed drives the running capacity can be trimmed to suit the load which will ultimately keep power consumption and therefore energy costs at a minimum.