Coveris, Neuwied (DE)

Design, supply and install of LEL control system and a centralized exhaust collection system

Coveris are a leading international manufacturing company working alongside their customers to create the next generation packaging and engineered coatings solutions, enabling their partners to retain advantages within their markets.

They are dedicated to providing solutions that enhance the safety, quality and convenience of products we use every day. This is the reason they are the brand of choice for many of the leading brands in the world.

As well as a quality product offering they are responsibly managing their operations so that together they positively impact the lives of millions of consumers every day.

At Coveris nothing is more important than safety. Every facility adheres to strict operational processes, workplace training programs and adherence to industry best practices.

Recently one of their Rotogravure machines had an LEL system installed which was not compliant with the latest edition of EN1539:2015, and was also creating high servicing costs. Operational undertook a detailed on-site review of the complete process.

Together with Coveris we developed objectives, optimised the system and created the following results:

• Designed and installed a new LEL system which ensured compliance with the latest safety standard – EN1539:2015
• Increased the level of safety (LEL) – whilst providing for increases in LEL concentrations and recirculation for the optimisation of both energy and safety
• Introduced an improved ‘Service & Maintenance’ programme for the total system on a regular basis in order to comply with the latest Betrieb-sicherheitsverordnung (BetrSichV) requirements
• The engineering, design and project management for this project was undertaken by Operational Deutschland GmbH, part of the Operational Group


Operational designed, supplied and installed a ‘tailor-made’ solution. Based on a detailed project approach, Coveris minimised production losses to only two machine days during the works. The completed installation incorporates an LEL control system for each dryer and a centralized exhaust collection system.

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