Dryer Optimisation – Stempher C.V.

Stempher is an independent producer of polyethylene and paper packaging with more than one hundred years of experience and one of the most modern factories in Europe.

• Optimize dryer control to reduce energy use and exhaust airflow.
• Improve process control of the drying systems for improved efficiency & product quality
• Decrease the size and costs of emission control system.


Process Investigation:

Undertook a detailed on-site review of the process, design parameters and the actual operating conditions and existing press control systems.


Optimized the plant using a combination of air recirculation, rebalancing of air-flows, advanced solvent level (LEL) monitoring and control resulting in lower exhaust volumes and higher solvent concentrations. Final exhaust reduced from 36,000 m3/hr to 15,000 m3/hr.

Continuous Monitoring:

After Continuous Monitoring, Operational assisted Stempher C.V. with technical and commercial aspects of the selection of the VOC abatement equipment. Operational also executed the project management.

Call us today to find out how Operational can help you improve your process and slash your energy costs.


Capital Investment Reduction:

A Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer. As a result of plant optimisation, the lower air volumes reduced the size of the RTO required, resulting in significant savings in capital investment.

Operating Costs benefits due to the reduction of air volume from the dryers, include:

– Significant reduction in fan power consumption

– Reduced fuel costs from auto-thermal conditions in the RTO with increased solvent concentration


These energy savings reduced emissions of CO2 by 50%.

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