Efficiency, Process and Safety Improvement at Bischof + Klein, Lengerich (DE)

Design, supply and installation of new central exhaust system

Bischof + Klein is one of the leading providers of complete solutions for flexible packaging, technical plastic foil and converting within Europe.

At their production plant in Lengerich, Germany the company provides technical foil, printing and lamination.

The printing presses at Bischof + Klien, Lengerich are solvent based machines, which requires an abatement system to treat the emitted Volatile Organic Compounds, which are released as part of their printing process. Over time the existing central exhaust system and plenum chamber, which was in use at Bischof + Klein, Lengerich had reached its process capacity.

Operational were given the task to optimise and convert the existing duct work system, which would enable Bischof + Klein to install two new printing presses to their current system.

After a detailed onsite survey was conducted, Operational designed, supplied and installed a tailor-made solution for the new central exhaust system. The installation included a new plenum chamber with a capacity of 225.000 m³/h and modification of the central exhaust system in order to meet the respective requirements.

A detailed project and work plan resulted in the project being completed within a period of 9 working days.

On this basis we optimised the system with the following results:

• Reduction of production limitations and abatement problems.
• Production capacity increase, due to increased exhaust air volume.
• Thermal oxidisers, thermal efficiency improvements.
• Additional capacity for future production expansions.

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