Environmental Project at Ecopack

Operational has recently worked with Ecopack NV, a dynamic packaging manufacturer delivering high quality foils and printing services to their customers.

Their reputation is based on high levels of service and speedy delivery, which are the key factors to their success in this competitive, fast paced market.

Ecopack NV believes in the future of high quality flexographic printing on durable packaging films whilst continuously reducing the impact these activities have on the environment.

With this as an objective Operational partnered with Ecopack NV and initiated a detailed survey of their drying process to subsequently install a tailor made thermal afterburner. Together with the Operational team, a solution has been developed and implemented creating substantial benefits.


• To reduce exhaust airflow on an 8 colour Uteco flexo-press

• Significant reduction of energy consumption during the drying process

• Improving the safety of recirculation of evaporated solvents

• To establish a regular service and maintenance procedure


• A reduction and saving of 162 MW/annum was achieved for the drying process

• As a result of decreasing airflow of 56% Ecopack NV were able to purchase a smaller RTO and run this in an autothermal mode

• The LEL response system time was reduced, resulting in the system now adhering to Safety regulation: EN 1539:2015

Operational contracted a customised design, which they installed and commissioned with an automatic recirculation system and appropriate LEL control. In addition, improvements to the existing ventilation system and the central exhaust system have been implemented.

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