Heat Reduction, Recovery & Re-Use Production Speed Increase – Printing/Lamination

A major international Flexible Packaging Company wanted to improve the print and drying quality and substantially increase production speed in their Turkish factory. The cluster Director and Technical Manager developed a “quick wins” strategy with Operational.

The first step was to establish the current situation for the Nordmeccanica Lamination process. Operational established the facts effecting production by carrying out a detailed survey then recommended a programme of process optimization developed from the evaluation of the information.

The work involved controlling airflow; installing safety measures such as LEL monitoring and dryer upgrades to improve drying efficiency.

These actions provided greatly increased throughput and improved product quality leading to reduction in overtime working; press speeds increased from 140 m/min to 200 m/min and improved solvent retention figures (below 10 mg/ m2) were achieved.

Similar work was carried out on a Rotomec Laminator achieving similar results and a reduction in exhaust air sent to abatement of 42%.

  • Customer: Major International Printing Company
  • Initial Situation: Inconsistent process conditions, poor product quality and low production speeds
  • Solution: Process optimization; dryer technology upgrades; installation of safety systems
  • Client Benefits: Production speed increased 42%; Overtime slashed. Product quality improved. Energy consumption reduced
  • Payback: 1.5 years