Tann Group – Tannpapier (Austria)

TANNPAPIER is part of the Mayr-Melnhof Group and a world market leader in the development, production and distribution of a specialist product “Tipping Paper”. A global network and close cooperation with their affiliates guarantees worldwide service and the highest quality standards for their demanding markets.
The company, with its 50 years of history is located in the heart of Upper Austria, in Traun near Linz.

TANNPAPER are committed to their economic, social and ecological responsibilities. This is reflected in their standards of certification regarding quality, environmental management, health & safety as well as their additional activities which prove their commitment to their customers and to legal requirements.

At TANNPAPIER nothing is more important than safety. Every facility adheres to strict operational processes, workplace training programs and adherence to industry best practices. With this as an objective, Operational partnered with

TANNPAPIER and initiated a detailed survey of their drying processes to design, install and commission a LEL System, on three of their Rotogravure machines, which complies with the EN1539:2015, EN 60079-21-1 and EN 13849-1 standards. Together with the Operational team, a solution has been developed and implemented creating substantial benefits.

While working very closely with TANNPAPIER and TÜV Austria, we started with a detailed HAZOP (hazard and operability study) and a Risk assessment to ensure that the optimisation was safe and complied with the latest standards. Due to high production speeds, we designed a LEL system which also optimised the dryers for Range 1 and 2 according to the EN1539.

Prior to the Optimisation project, engineers from TANNPAPIER visited a reference plant of Operational, where we had already installed an Opti-Dry system. Together with a modern HMI and Tia Portal system, the operators of TANNPAPIER now have a more clear view of the complete drying process.

Together with TANNPAPIER we developed objectives, optimised the system and created the following results:
  • Designed and installed a new LEL system which ensures compliance with the latest safety standard – EN1539:2015. The entire LEL system has the required safety level PL-d following EN ISO 13849-1.
  • Increased the level of safety (LEL) – whilst providing for increases in LEL concentrations (Range 1 and 2) and recirculation for the optimisation of both energy and safety.
  • By optimising their dryers, TANNPAPIER see a significant increase in the efficiency of their Solvent Recovery System.
  • Designed and installed a tailor made HMI, including Pilz safety relais and a modem for remote support.
  • Installed quick acting damper controls which will enable quickest response on fast changing process conditions and minimise high LEL levels.
  • Introduced an improved Service & Maintenance programme for the total system on a regular basis in order to comply with the latest Betriebsicherheitsverordnung (BetrSichV) requirements.
  • The engineering, design and project management for this project was undertaken by Operational Deutschland GmbH, part of the Operational Group.
  • Operational designed, supplied and installed a tailor made solution based on a detailed project approach. The completed installation incorporates an LEL control system for each dryer.
  • Our LEL system is TÜV Rheinland certified (Certificate No.: 968/FSA1155.00/18) and complies with the latest standards, EN 1539:2015, EN ISO13849-1:2015, EN 60079-29-1.

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