Operational Group is a major innovator in the field of Dryer Optimisation.

Wherever heat is used to drive off moisture or solvents, we apply highly effective dryer design improvements to create and supply solutions for your production and environmental challenges.

With over 30 years’ experience in this market, we know that the majority of drying systems operate well below optimum efficiency.

In today’s increasingly competitive environment, Operational dryer optimisation expertise can deliver on multiple objectives for your business.

What we deliver for you is: –

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We can: –
  • Improve product quality.
  • Increase production speeds.
  • Decrease energy usage.
  • Ensure compliance with the latest safety requirements by utilising our state-of-art ExSis LEL gas detection systems.
  • Decrease your exhaust gas emissions to atmosphere – affording reduced capital and operating costs for your air pollution control systems.
The way we do this is by: –
  • Increasing the dryer efficiency, production speed and solving quality issues. We implement modifications to dryer nozzle geometry, air distribution profiling, nozzle velocity and impingement characteristics. Finally setting dryer parameters including air flowrates, temperature, pressure to ensure a fully balanced dryer system.
  • Decreasing the energy usage of the dryer by the controlled recirculation of heated drying air whilst ensuring full compliance with the latest EN1539 safety standards.
  • Decreasing the exhaust air volume leaving the dryer by using controlled air recirculation and simultaneously increasing solvent concentration levels using our latest ExSis LEL detection systems. We significantly reduce the capital and operating costs of associated Air Pollution Control systems.
We achieve this by means of our Four-stage approach: –

Stage 1
We establish a full understanding of your dryer processes and problems. We undertake surveys, then analyse, and discuss our findings with you. We provide concise advice on recommended improvements and modifications, clearly setting out the benefits and cost savings.

Stage 2
We finalise the design for your dryer optimisation creating a fully detailed design specification. This is followed by engineering, installation and commissioning, underpinned by full project management carried out by your local team with a single point of contact.

Stage 3
Then, we facilitate the collection of your dryer exhausts into a single, central ductwork system, which is data logged and evaluated. This information is used to design and engineer the most suitable and cost-effective Air Pollution Control system for your process.

Stage 4
A comprehensive after-sales services maintains your systems in the best possible condition ensuring continuous high productivity, low costs and environment sustainability.

This 4-stage approach is engineered around you to develop and provide the best solution for your manufacturing process and individual requirements.