Operational’s Heat Recovery Systems capture and recover waste energy from manufacturing processes. Recycled waste heat can be re-used in many ways and heat recovery will deliver significant savings in energy costs.

Our team of engineers use the latest technology to capture, recover and recycle energy, designing systems tailored to your process. We engineer around you, saving you money, reducing greenhouse gases and cutting your carbon footprint.

Energy efficiency is the future and Operational can deliver it for you now.

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Here’s an outline of our process: –
  • We undertake a detailed survey of your manufacturing unit and we take time to understand your requirements.
  • With our proven record of successful installations of innovative systems, our team of mechanical, chemical and control engineers will create a design that works for you.
  • We identify the available waste energy and install recovery systems to capture heat from process exhaust streams and recycle it back into the same production process or divert it to other processes such as the generation of hot water or steam.
  • Heat recovery systems are designed to integrate with our Air Pollution Control systems, saving more energy, increasing efficiency and cutting air pollution.
  • Recycling and reuse of recovered heat guarantees cost savings on energy. Our systems typically have a return of investment period of 12 -36 months. Increasing energy costs, coupled with the imperative need to reduce global warming, makes heat recovery an essential for industry, as we all work towards sustainability.
Operational delivers a “turnkey” heat recovery solution: –

Our process and project teams will take full “turn-key” responsibility for the design, manufacture, supply and installation of the heat recovery system, including heat exchangers, ductwork & pipework systems, fans, pumps, expansion tanks, necessary controls and instrumentation. Your project manager will deliver the system designed specifically for you, meeting all current safety legislation. 

Service Contracts will then ensure the system operates at optimum performance levels for many years beyond the 12- 36 months return of investment period – providing ongoing  “kWh to MWH” revenue savings.  

It makes economic and environmental sense to capture, recover and recycle heat.