Solutions engineered around you

Every business faces unique challenges. The key to success is finding partners who can integrate with them. At Operational we use expertise and ingenuity to deliver a complete solution engineered around your challenges, and the opportunities they provide.

Our enthusiastic pan-European teams are quick to embrace new technologies and innovations to solve complex challenges.

Operational has been expanding its bespoke offering to include surveying and consultancy services. Our specialist Engineers can offer advice, knowledge and guidance in all areas of your process, conducting site surveys, pulling on industry knowledge and innovative new solutions to guide and partner with you in new process improvements.

It’s a service we’re very proud of. Let us show you what we can do.

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Energy is the lifeblood of your business. If you’re not optimising it fully across your operation then you’re not achieving your production potential or controlling your costs. Operational offer industry leading expertise in energy reduction and the recovery and re-use of energy to ensure you’re not wasting resources, and are operating at your absolute best.


Manufacturing businesses face more and more pressure to minimise their environmental impact and reduce energy use.

It is imperative to have a detailed understanding of the environmental process demands and then control the process to achieve environmental compliance at an acceptable cost and low energy consumption.

We are independent of all manufacturers to enable us to give impartial advice to help our clients make informed and objective decisions regarding environmental process services.

Service & Technical Support

A fundamental part of our offering is robust servicing and maintenance for all the systems we design and install. We offer contracts across every aspect of our business to ensure that every system we’re responsible for – from Thermal Oxidisers to LEL calibration – continues running smoothly, with optimum efficiency, for the foreseeable future.

Servicing procedures typically involve comprehensive checks for the overall functionality of the system, and to see if any improvements can be made to optimise the performance. After this we test all associated control equipments and alarms, making sure that you will be aware of any problems the very instant they occur.