Air Pollution Control Systems

Protecting the environment is perhaps the single most important issue facing us today, and it’s one that Operational are passionate about solving.

We’ve designed and installed hundreds of air pollution control systems, all of them proven to make a real difference to air quality by removing noxious elements, odours and gases at critical stages of production.

Our ability at preventing pollutants from escaping into the atmosphere is second to none, and we achieve more than 99% efficiency on the majority of assignments.

Recent installations have spanned a wide range of solutions and applications from printing & coating applications, textile & food processing, fish & animal by-products, to composting systems, waste transfer stations and anaerobic digestion plants.

The technologies we’ve applied in finding these solutions have been equally diverse, employing thermal oxidisers, electrostatic precipitators, coalescing & condensing filters, scrubbers, degassers, adsorbers, bio filters and bio trickling filters to achieve near total eradication of environmental pollutants.

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