Dryer and Process Optimisation

As one of the world’s major innovators in the field of dryer optimisation, ovens and process equipment, Operational Group can supply energy process services and solutions to all manner of production, energy and environmental problems.

Applications we routinely address include rotogravure, flexographic and web-offset printing, coating and lamination for the flexible packaging, paper and tissue industries.

In fact, any context in which heat is used to drive off moisture or solvents, especially in reel-to-reel, web applications, we can apply highly effective improvements.

In an increasingly competitive modern environment, Operational’s dryer and process optimisation services can deliver on multiple objectives for your business. As well as effectively reducing energy consumption and related costs, we can help improve product quality, increase production speeds and reduce exhaust gas emissions into the atmosphere with our energy process services – effectively increasing your productivity and reducing your carbon footprint.

Our approach

Whilst appearing to be a simple process, drying can be very complex and difficult to set for the best results.

Through intensive surveys conducted across a range of organisations, we have concluded that the majority of drying systems operate well below optimum performance.

To address this Operational utilise a three stage approach, developed to help you find the best solution and reduce your overall operating costs with our environmental process service.

Step 1

We start by establishing a full understanding of your process and problems, surveying your energy process, discussing and analysing the results with you. We’ll provide concise advice on the achievable improvements, setting out the benefits and the cost savings clearly.

Step 2

Next we deliver your optimum solution. Delivery includes full design, engineering, project management, installation and commissioning. All projects are carried out by your local team with a single point of contact and a comprehensive after-sales services designed to help you maintain your systems in the best possible condition.

Step 3

Finally we will assist in collecting all of your dryer exhausts into a central ductwork system, data logging and evaluating the relevant process information, before helping you select the most suitable and cost effective abatement system.

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