ExSis – LEL Gas Monitoring Systems

The ExSis flammable Gas detection unit from Operational is a catalytic or infrared solvent monitoring safety system that uniquely provides a complete answer to the demands of safety standards in an industrial environment.

  • Operational can design, supply, install and maintain solvent monitoring safetysystems, fully compliant with EN 1539,
    EN 60079-21-1 and EN 13849-1.
  • Our systems are fully certified by TUV (a leading international testing + certification body).
  • Our systems are modular, compact and can be fitted into any type of duct, oven or dryer.

Benefits of ExSis:

  • Compatible with EN 1539: 2015 PL d safety when connected to appropriate alarm and stop circuits.
  • ExSis Safety Instrumented System has been independently evaluated for use in PL d circuit.
  • Fast acting IR detector.
  • IR factory calibration for life.
  • Protected sample line to prevent tampering.
  • Tamper resistant assembly with locked enclosure and tool requirement to access sensitive parts.
  • Allows internal dryer energy saving.
  • Allows reduced final exhaust to abatement systems with substantial reduction size and capital cost.
  • Allows improved operating cost due to less volume to treat with higher solvent fuel values.

Our Products

ExSis – The original ExSis unit is a gas sampling and monitoring safety system that detects percentage LEL levels. It is a singular unit which can be panel mounted. Complete with built-in alarms and display, the design is compact and easy to maintain.

ExSis Multi – This multi panel ExSis control system is the perfect way to replace a traditional rack mounted system. It allows LEL gas monitoring to be integrated into existing manufacturing processes while optimising efficiency and safety.

Sensor options

IR – Infrared – The infrared sensor works on the principal of laser technology monitoring gas response times. It benefits from requiring less maintenance and has short response times. Carbon atoms in the gas change the response time which is compared to a controllable reference point to identify the content of gas.

CAT – Catalytic – The CAT or catalytic sensor detects gas by comparing the resistance between two beads which are intrinsically mounted. The ‘measurement bead’ heats the gas, changing the resistance which is compared to the other ‘reference bead’.

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