Process & Workplace Safety

Thorough process safety management is an essential commodity, however, safety provision doesn’t need to be painful.

Utilising an innovative approach with a process efficiency company can give benefits in process improvement and productivity.

Operational are able to offer comprehensive solutions and guidance through all the legislation associated with process safety. These include:

  • Process and safety improvement
  • ATEX Evaluation
  • COSHH and LEV
  • Gas & solvent monitoring & control equipment

Operational provide Atex (in UK DSEAR) surveys and gap analysis, as well as process risk assessments and Hazop studies.

We can evaluate the risks and hazards created when systems are integrated, across everything from printing press exhaust streams to environmental abatement equipment, providing engineered solutions that will minimise these risks.

Operational will also evaluate any explosion relief requirements, designing appropriate relief systems to recognised standards, and installing bespoke explosion relief panels of our own design.

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