nuestro equipo

Nuestro equipo humano diseñado a su medida

Al igual que nuestras soluciones, nuestro equipo humano está diseñado a su medida.

Contamos con una combinación perfecta de ingenieros químicos, de procesos, eléctricos, de proyecto y de servicio, que nos convierte en expertos a la hora de desarrollar proyectos y soluciones especializadas que aporten valor a las actividades de nuestros clientes.

Tenemos una gran base de conocimientos que ofrecer, con veteranos con un largo historial de servicio y con caras nuevas. Por nuestra integridad y conocimientos, podemos respaldarle en cada paso del camino, creando relaciones duraderas en torno a sus necesidades y metas.

Operational Iberia S.L.U

Operating across Iberia and Portugal

  • Carlos Llauder

    Managing Director for Operational Spain

    Carlos is Managing Director at Operational Iberia, with an MBA from IESE Business School and more than 20 years of experience as a general manager and strategic consultant. He has an international profile, and has managed clients in Spain, Italy, Chile, Portugal, Mexico and United States for groups such as Telefónica Móbiles, Endesa, Abertis, Cie Automotive, Leche Pascual, Panrico and Ercros among others.

  • Joan Mases Fernandez

    Project and Sales Manager

    Joan is an experienced Project Engineer, with 20 years’ service at Operational. Having attended ETSEIT, Engineers Industrials Terrassa in Spain, and experience as a Project Engineer for ASENGIN he has developed valuable project management and technical abilities. He is a Specialist Heat Recovery Project Manager and Sales Manager and for Operational Spain.

Operational (UK) Ltd

Operating across the UK and Ireland

  • Sean Martin

    Sales Manager for Operational UK Ltd

    Sean is the Managing Director for both Operational UK and Simdean Group Limited, who are both located within our headquarters in Daresbury, Warrington.

    Prior to joining Operational Group, Sean worked for a leading global manufacturer of steam and hot water equipment where he led the company’s United Kingdom operations as Market Manager.

    Born and raised in Stockport, Greater Manchester, Sean is a proud supporter of his local football team (Stockport County FC).

  • Tim Brodest

    Sales Engineer for Operational UK Ltd

Operational France S.A.R.L

Operating across France and North Africa

  • Phillippe Irlinger

    Managing Director France

    Thermal engineer UTC/Cranfield institute – 25 years experience in heat recovery and thermal process optimisation.

  • Nathalie Hillou

    Executive Assistant / Office Manager

    25 years experience in administrative, commercial and financial management.

Operational Deutschland GmbH

Operating across Germany and the DACH region

  • Johannes Piffka

    Sales Manager Operational Deutschland GmbH

    Johannes has extensive experience in an engineering and sales capacity, on a national and international basis, within manufacturing and process industries. In recent times he has been responsible for the successful development of a new business division focusing on ‘turn-key’ energy-saving solutions and is able, with his experience and process-based approach, to communicate clearly with clients and assist them on all commercial and engineering matters.

    The arrival of Johannes is in line with Operational Deutschland’s strategy and desire to assist more of our customers implement process-based improvements to their manufacturing lines with a clear focus on optimisation of dryers and ovens, waste heat recovery and abatement systems. Each with the objective of increasing production efficiency, reducing energy costs and meeting, where necessary, environmental standards in the most cost-effective manner.

  • Kelvin Krott

    Service Co-ordinator

    Kelvin Krott, joined Operational Group in 2017 and is service co-ordinator for German and Dutch services, based at our office in Kleve, Germany. As a qualified Electrical Engineer, he takes care of planning and co-ordination, service and maintenance, liaising with customers and working with colleagues in sales, process and process management.

Operational Benelux B.V

Operating across Benelux, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and Turkey

  • Hans van Collenburg

    Managing Director (Benelux BV & Deutschland GmbH)

    Hans is a sales orientated MD with a focus on Customer relationships and Product Leadership. By working across several countries in Europe he has a lot experience in Export and International Business Development. His drive is to help production facilities in the area of energy, process enhancements and production efficiency improvements and is very passionate about the outcomes that are achieved.

  • Marc Rolfes

    Process Manager

    Marc is responsible for Process design and Sales support. He has worked at Operational for over 30 years and has developed an enormous amount of knowledge to serve our customers. Marc started as a field installation engineer and has fulfilled all technical positions since (service, engineering, surveys and projects). Originally with an electrical background he has also made many mechanical designs.

    Marc’s strong points are – seeing process problems, finding solutions and calculating optimised situations for the best client outcome.

Simdean Group Limited

Operating internationally

  • Nick Carter

    Technical Manager

    Nick Carter has been with Simdean Group since its inception and has worked on the technical side of air pollution control for over 35 years. Having graduated from Leeds University with a degree in Fuel and Combustion Science he has spent the whole of his working life in the fields of pollution control and Energy recovery. Nick has extensive experience in assisting clients to help solve their challenges in an efficient and cost-effective manner.