Continuously rising energy usage and costs in the technical construction materials market led a leading manufacturer of non-woven glass fibre veil to consult Operational in order to evaluate the viability of heat recovery from his production line. Previous attempts to recover energy had failed due to fouling of the heat exchanger heat transfer surfaces and blockage of the air channels.

Operational investigated the various processes and developed a bespoke solution for the matching of energy supply and demand in their production processes. Fouling issues were addressed by the incorporation of an innovative in-situ cleaning system. Advanced PLC controls, providing user friendly interfaces, optimised the amount of heat recovered and re-utilised.

Our client’s production director commented….”Our financial administration department has clearly identified the moment that Operational’s heat recovery system came on-line. A massive reduction in our gas bill!”

Energy Recovery and re-utilisation of 800 kWh was achieved, with cost savings of €220,000 per annum giving a return on investment of less than 12 months. 

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