Carbon adsorption systems need routine maintenance to ensure they are operating at optimum levels.

Planned preventative service and maintenance of an air pollution control plant is essential to ensure its optimum operating performance and ability to remain environmentally compliant. Our engineering experience and expertise of air pollution control systems, gained over a period of 30 years, allows us to provide a bespoke service and maintenance solution for your carbon adsorber system.

Beginning with a comprehensive check of the functionality of the system, we assess where and how improvements can be made to optimise performance. We test all control equipment and alarms to ensure that problems are highlighted as soon as they arise, allowing immediate remedial action to be taken. Operational’ s preventative service and maintenance programmes are custom-designed for each client’s manufacturing site and production schedules, with the aim of meeting the specific needs of your business. Our team of highly-experienced engineers provide advice, guidance and industry-leading service & maintenance solutions to a wide range of markets, covering a multitude of applications.

Our work is proactive; by preventing problems arising, we reduce the risk of expensive call-outs for unexpected breakdowns.

A typical service and maintenance contract may include:

· Overall condition and integrity assessment of the carbon adsorber system.
· Obtaining sniff test results from the carbon and assessment of adsorption levels.
· Removal and replacement of activated carbon (if required, following sniff test results or high outlet emission levels).
· Instrumentation condition assessment, clean and re-install (eg. Relative Humidity, Flow, Pressures, etc).
· Damper functionality testing and condition assessment.
· Actuator and limit switch functionality testing and condition assessment.
· Fan functionality testing and condition assessment.
· Control system functionality testing (start/stop, alarm functions, bypass operation, etc).

Upon completion of the service and maintenance procedure, our engineers will provide a detailed service report which, if required, will include recommendations to ensure the efficient operation of the carbon adsorber system. Irrespective of manufacturer or carbon adsorber type, Operational are able to provide service and maintenance support which will ensure your air pollution control system is operating at optimum performance levels.

For further information on how Operational can support your carbon adsorber service and maintenance requirements, contact us and one of our sales team will be in touch to discuss your requirements and application.

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