Reuse, reduce and recycle energy in the ceramic tile manufacturing process with Operational’s waste heat recovery systems.

The ceramic tile making process firstly requires the compression of powdered clay into the tile shape. The tiles are then dried using hot air in a continuous dryer to reduce the water content. After drying the tiles are coated with glaze and patterned. The tiles then enter, typically, a 130 metre long continuous kiln and reach temperatures of up to 1200oC in the centre of this kiln. The high temperature kiln exhaust air can contain solids and potentially corrosive, gaseous and liquid contaminants.

Operational can recover heat from the kiln exhaust air and transfer the recovered heat via a thermal oil circuit to heat exchangers installed in the dryer air recirculation systems. Operational use specially constructed finned and plain tubed air to thermal oil heat exchangers together with a high temperature thermal oil pipework system.

It is estimated that ceramic tile kilns lose around 20% of their heat to the atmosphere via flue gases. We typically assist in recovering between 400 and 600 kWh per kiln, with a return on investment of 2 -3 years.

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