The oxidation of VOC’s contained in exhaust air streams involves a chemical reaction between the VOC’s and the oxygen in the air, usually at an elevated temperature, and forming carbon dioxide and water vapour.

The RTO is an extremely efficient thermal oxidiser that uses a number of ceramic or ‘hot brick’ beds to absorb heat from the exhaust gas. It then uses this captured heat to preheat the incoming process air stream and destroy air pollutants emitted in the exhaust air stream at temperatures ranging up to 1000deg C.

The ceramic beds provide primary heat recovery of up to 95% thermal efficiency enabling auto-thermal, or self-sustaining, operation of the oxidiser with very low solvent concentrations of approximately 2 g/m3, ie. Less than 5% LEL.

The primary advantage of this technique is a very high VOC destruction efficiency, often in excess of 99%, and a high thermal efficiency providing low, or near zero, gas consumption. Used throughout industry to destroy air toxins, odours, VOC’s and hazardous air pollutants discharged from industrial processes.

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