A leading producer of tufted carpets was running three drying ovens that were operating inefficiently and using increasingly more energy.They had previously installed a heat recovery system but this had failed due to fouling and ultimate blocking of the heat exchanger airways with fibres and condensed oils.

Operational’s waste heat recovery solution was to install a fully integrated heat recovery ventilation system using a low pressure hot water run-around system to transfer the heat from the hot exhaust gases to the incoming make-up air. The system incorporated a ‘state of the art’ integrated cleaning system to prevent build-up of fibres and condensed spinning oils.

Our system has reduced natural gas consumption by 800kWh and has improved the dryer performance through more efficient hot air distribution within the dryers – leading to higher production operating speeds and improved indoor air quality.

Energy savings of 800kWh were achieved with a return on investment of 1.3 years.

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