A day in the life of Heidi Ciz: Behind the scenes at Operational Group

Operational team heat recovery experts

1. What is your role?

Operational UK works with manufacturers and processing plants all over the country. On a typical day, we’ll have multiple engineers installing new Heat Recovery Systems, servicing equipment, and carrying out emergency repairs.
My role is to make sure that everything runs smoothly for our customers and engineers. I manage our resources by understanding what our customers need and getting the right engineer out to them as quickly as possible if it’s an emergency requirement. It involves a lot of juggling diaries and talking with lots of people.

2. What does a typical day look like for you?

I’m often the first port of call for our customers. If they need to schedule equipment maintenance or an emergency repair, I organise engineers, plant hire, order parts required for jobs, and manage invoicing. This ensures that our customers have a smooth and enjoyable experience working with us; engineers are promptly scheduled in, with all the information and equipment they need to complete the job.

3. Best part of your job?

We have a fantastic, diverse team but we all share the same goal of wanting our customers to reduce their energy usage, improve their productivity, and increase their operational profitability. My favourite part of my job is when we hear great feedback from our customers and the efficiency improvements that our team has engineered, such as reducing our customer’s site CO2 footprint by 2000 tonnes a year or halving their gas bills. That’s a great thing to be part of.

4. What’s the hardest part of your job?

Planning everyone’s diaries can be a bit like trying to fit together a jigsaw puzzle. We need our customers to have the right people onsite the same day as an engineer with the right skills is available.

5. What makes Operational different?

Operational works with some very advanced manufacturers and processing plants. Any equipment downtime can be very costly to them, so we always want to provide our customers with support as quickly as possible.
The other day, for example, a manufacturer’s machine had broken down and they needed to find a company who could go on site the same day to make the repair. Our engineers were already busy, but there was someone in the office that day who has vast technical knowledge.

I asked my colleague to have a chat with the customer to see if there was anything that he could advise to rectify the issue. Fortunately, my colleague was able to talk the customer through temporarily fixing the equipment, which got the machine up and running instantly. The customer has ordered a new replacement part and once that part arrives, our engineers will install it. The customer was very grateful for our help that day as we were able to get the production line operational.

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