Operational Benelux BV and Germany GmbH Service and Maintenance services go paperless

Operational Benelux BV and Germany GmbH provides its customers with a completely digital service when it comes to maintenance contracts and LEL calibration reports.

In our experience, making this process completely digital helps us support customers more efficiently, ensures the authenticity of documentation and also increases the amount of time we can spend on site serving clients. Of course there is also the advantage that digital documents help us save our environment, something that we take very seriously here at Operational Group with our wide range of Environmental solutions on offer such as VOC abatement systems and Odour Control services.

A fundamental part of our offering is the robust servicing and maintenance for all the systems we design and install. We offer contracts across every aspect of our business to ensure that every system we’re responsible for – from Thermal Oxidisers to LEL calibration – continues running smoothly, with optimum efficiency, for the foreseeable future.

Servicing procedures typically involves comprehensive checks for the overall functionality of the system, and to see if any improvements can be made to optimise the overall performance. After this we test all associated control equipment and alarms, making sure that you will be aware of any problems the very instant they occur.

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