Efficiency, Process Improvement at Schur Flexibles Moneta in Slovakia

Schur Flexibles is one of Europe’s most important full-line suppliers focusing on production and distribution of high-barrier flexible packaging for the food, tobacco, and healthcare industries.

With 11 production sites in Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, Poland, Greece, Finland, and Slovakia, they are able to serve their customers with tailor-made flexible packaging solutions.

Due to the expansion of the production facility of Schur Flexibles Moneta, Operational undertook a detailed on-site review of the complete process. Together with the local team we were able to create fantastic results and thus reached the agreed objectives.

Agreed Objectives:
• Reduce the exhaust airflow of a Rotogravure Press from 25.000 to 10.000 m³/hr
• Decrease the exhaust flowrate and thus increase the solvent concentration to the RTO
• Decrease the energy (gas and electrical) consumption of the existing RTO
• Service & Maintain the whole system on a regular basis

Operational designed, supplied and installed a tailor made solution which incorporates an LEL control system for each dryer. In addition, improvements on the existing dryers / ventilation system were made to the centralized exhaust collection system.

Operational have been providing proven process engineering solutions in the reduction, recovery and re-use of energy and heat in many different industries for over 40 years. We are confident that our experience in the field of environmental engineering, process and project engineering justifies our belief that whatever your requirements, whether they are production orientated or environmentally based, OPERATIONAL can provide a solution to meet your needs.

Hans van Collenburg, Managing Director, Operational Benelux & Germany


Schur Flexibles, Moneta, Slovakia

Client Statement:
“Operational approached the project very professionally and came up with an innovative solution. We were very pleased that Operational delivered on all promises regarding this project. We now not only see big savings on our energy bill, but also benefit from improvement of our dryers. It was very pleasant working together!”

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