Energy optimisation Project at Rexor site, France

Rexor approached Operational to help them optimise their energy consumption.

Rexor is a specialist coatings organisation have a site in Paladru, Isère, a south eastern region of France. They specialise in the coating and laminating of various substrates, as well as metallisation and de-metallisation processes.

Rexor had an obsolete VOC treatment system which Operational removed and replaced with an RTO (Regenerative Thermal Oxidiser) and accompanying abatement and heat recovery system. The system was designed specifically to suit the operating conditions of Rexors’ production machines.

The new system has allowed significant energy recovery. Recovered energy is circulated back into the process and used by dryers on coating machines and also used to heat production buildings.


  • RTO treatment of VOC emissions
  • Optimisation of processes to recovery and re-use energy
  • Connection and regulation with existing systems
  • Reduce energy used in processes
  • Reduce energy used in building heating


Before the project took place, the energy required to heat the thermal fluid used by coating machines was produced exclusively by thermal oil boilers with a thermal efficiency of 90%. The thermal efficiency of the new RTO installed was 96%. The solution engineered by Operational allows the RTO to operate without energy input and enables the recovery of more than 70% of the energy provided by the burning of solvents.


  • Thermal efficiency of the installed system: 96%
  • Recovery of energy from thermal fluid and hot water: up to 70% of the available energy
  • Reduction of energy consumption on site by 50%

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