Environmental Project at Kivo Volendam, The Netherlands

Design and installation of a tailor-made solution, including LEL control system

Kivo Plastic Verpakkingen is one of Europe’s bigger producers of polyethylene packaging materials. As a Dutch family-owned-company, Kivo has two production-plants in the Netherlands (Volendam and Zwolle) and one production-plant in Kosovo where processes like extrusion, printing, sealing, laminating and cutting takes place.

Kivo are highly aware of their environmental obligations and so approached Operational to undertake a detailed on-site review of their processes, operating conditions and press control systems.

Agreed Objectives:
• Reduce VOC levels to comply with Solvent Emission Directive
• Enhance control of the drying systems for improved efficiency, product quality and plant safety
• Decrease the size and therefore capital and operating costs of an emission control system
• Decrease the operating costs of the production machine by reduction of exhaust volume
• Interface and Commissioning with the new emission control system
• Service & Maintain the whole system on a regular basis

Operational designed and installed a tailor-made solution which incorporates an LEL control system for each dryer. In addition, improvements were made to the layout and control of the centralized exhaust collection system. and a tailor-made RTO installed with a capacity of 18.000 Nm³/h.


Client: Kivo Volendam, The Netherlands
Client Statement: “Operational approached the project very professionally and came up with an innovative solutions.

Operational showed a high level of professionalism in their way of working and handling the strict Kivo safety rules.

The project was led by a very professional Engineer from Operational who was, accurate and technically capable. It was very pleasant working together to make this project to success.”

Hans van Collenburg, Managing Director, Operational Benelux & Germany

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