Environmental Project at Amcor Flexibles Zutphen, The Netherlands

Amcor, the world’s largest packaging company, offers exclusive and innovative solutions that are at the forefront of the packaging industry. Their approach towards Sustainability is covered within five areas, Environment – Community – Workplace – Marketplace – Economy.

Based on their sustainable responsibility, Amcor Flexibles Zutphen approached Operational which undertook a detailed on-site review of the process, design parameters and the actual operating conditions and existing press control systems.

Together with Amcor an approach has been developed with the following objectives:

  • Reduce VOC levels to comply with Solvent Emission Directive,
  • Enhance control of the drying systems for improved efficiency, product quality and plant safety,
  • Decrease the size and therefore capital and operating costs of an emission control system,
  • Decrease the operating costs of the production machine by reduction of exhaust volume,
  • Interface and Commissioning with the new emission control system,
  • Service and Maintain the whole system on a regular basis

Operational have been providing proven process engineering solutions in the reduction, recovery and reuse of energy and heat in many industries for over 30 years. We are confident that our experience in the field of environmental engineering, process and project engineering justifies our belief that whatever your requirements, whether they are production orientated or environmentally based, Operational can provide a solution to meet your needs.

Client: Amcor Flexibles Zutphen, The Netherlands

Solution: Operational designed, supplied and installed a tailor-made solution which incorporates an LEL control system for each dryer. In addition, improvements were made to the layout and control of the centralized exhaust collection system. Exhaust airflow reduced from 15.000 to 8.500 Nm3/h.

Customer Statement: Operational approached the project very professionally and came up with an innovative solution. I was very pleased that Operational delivered on all promises regarding this project. Operational as well as the contractors hired by Operational showed a high level of professionalism in their way of working and handling the strict Amcor safety rules. All of this led by a very good project Engineer from Operational who was flexible, accurate and technically well-founded. It was very pleasant working together to make this project a success.