Environmental Project at Kivo Volendam, The Netherlands

KIVO Flexible Plastics is one of the main producers of High Density Polyethylene in Europe. Their main office is located in Volendam, The Netherlands. KIVO offers a variety of mono- and coextruded flexible plastics based on LDPE and HDPE. They offer both finished and semi-finished products for further processing on their customer’s packaging line.

KIVO Flexible Plastics has always been aware of its responsibility towards its stakeholders, the community in general and the environment. They stimulate and ensure a healthy life and work environment for their employees and surrounding communities, and strive to minimise the ecological impact of their business activities.

In common with all other sectors of the printing industry, KIVO is highly aware of its environmental obligations. While expanding their production with a new W&H flexopress, KIVO approached Operational to optimise the Central Exhaust System, with a bypass system and controls, and take care of a suitable connection onto the Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer. The existing complete Central Exhaust System, including bypass systems and controls was already been designed and installed some years ago by Operational.

Together with Kivo an approach was developed with the following objectives:
  • Re-design the Central Exhaust System, including Interface and Commissioning with the existing RTO
  • Service and Maintain the whole system on a regular basis

“Operational approached the project very professionally and came up with an innovative solution. We were very pleased that Operational delivered on all promises regarding this project. Operational showed a high level of professionalism in their way of working and handling the strict Kivo safety rules. The project was led by a very professional Engineer from Operational who was, accurate and technically well-founded. It was very pleasant working together to make this project to success.”

Operational have been providing proven process engineering solutions in the reduction, recovery and reuse of energy and heat in many different industries for over 40 years. We are confident that our experience in the field of environmental engineering, process and project engineering justifies our belief that whatever your requirements, whether they are production orientated or environmentally based, OPERATIONAL can provide a solution to meet your needs.

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