RTO Energy Reduction – Décor Coating

Our client manufactures décor printed thermoplastic films often used in furniture, window frame laminates and general building products.

The process evaporates volatile organic compounds which need abatement to meet the requirements of environmental protection legislation. The abatement is provided by a Regenerative Thermal Oxidiser.

The aim of this project was to significantly reduce energy cost and provide improved process control.

Operational investigated the down stream process as well as the RTO operation. A number of recommendations were made including that the existing ceramic heat exchange media within the RTO was changed for a more efficient product which would reduce back pressure and increase thermal efficiency.

Oxidiser Inlet: 25,000 Nm3/h, average 1.5 g/Nm3 VOC.

Solution: Replace saddles with 5 layers of honeycomb blocks. Replace damaged media support beams and grids. Add bed exhaust thermocouples.

Projected Payback: 1.5 years

The results of this project were:

  • RTO Thermal Efficiency: Increased from 87% to >97%
  • Gas Consumption: On average reduced from 280,000 kWh/month to 35,000 kWh/month. An 87% saving
  • Power Consumption: Saving of 55% = € 800/month
  • Total Yearly Energy Saving: Estimated saving of € 75,000 per year
  • Project Payback: 1.5 years

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