RTO Energy Reduction for Coated Alloy Automotive Products

Our client produces coated products for the automotive industry and uses ovens to dry coated parts.

Their existing regenerative oxidiser was not performing efficiently and costing a lot of money to run.

Operational carried out a survey, identified the problems and were able to propose a solution.
This required some modifications to the RTO and replacement of the existing ceramic media using new high surface area, state of the art, porcelain material.
The work was completed over a 7 day period and our client was delighted with the results.

The Chief Engineer said:

“Operational did a great job here on a very tight schedule; we are delighted with the results and savings we are making”


  • Capacity increased from 46000 Nm3/h to 55000 Nm3/h
  • Thermal efficiency increased from 89 to 99.5%
  • Natural gas savings of € 40000/annum
  • Electricity savings due to reduced fan power € 85000 /annum
  • Payback less than 12 months

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