Service and Maintenance Products

Operational provide a wide range of support services ranging from compliance consultancy, planned maintenance through to modification upgrades of plants and processes. Our experience covers a wide range of industrial applications, including combustion processes, heat recovery systems, abatement technologies, odour control, instrumentation and process control. Optimum solutions are tailored to a clients’ needs based on the required plant performance, process safety, reliability and cost.

Technical Services
To support clients, Operational provide knowledge and experience to assist in the presentation of permit applications, environmental management plans and the general process function of a facility including:
• Instrument calibration and maintenance (LEL systems, pH control systems, etc)
• LEV monitoring and service
• Emissions Testing (MCerts certified monitoring staff and equipment)
• Process optimisation investigations
• Detailed consultancy, desk top studies, etc to assist specific customer requirements

Site Project Services
Operational has a wealth of experience in relocating thermal systems. Including: dismantling, transportation, repair work, re-installation, re-commissioning, process improvements and performance testing.

Planned Preventative Maintenance
Operational has developed a step wise approach to plant healthcare and maintenance. All services are carried out by Specialist Operational Engineers and include:-
• Site surveys and visual inspections
• Internal inspections – shut down and open up, clean, maintain and report actions.
• Training services for on-site staff
• Planned or reactive maintenance visits
• Thermal Oxidiser investigations, including:-
– burner tuning, service and repair
– ceramic element re-packing
– safety process checks
– performance checks

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