Waste Flue Gas – Air to Air Heat Recovery in Security Product Industry

An Operational Group client has a coating process producing security tapes and threads. They use a thermal oxidiser for thermal abatement that discharges flue gases at temperatures of 220C.

Project Objectives:

  • Use waste energy from oxidiser
  • Heat material stores
  • Heat main process areas

Actions: Operational carried out a detailed survey of the oxidiser process and the heating of storage and process areas. It was found that over 300 kWh of waste heat was available for heat recovery and reuse in the production areas.

Solution: Operational installed a stainless steel air to air heat exchanger to recover over 300 kWh of energy. A sophisticated temperature control and air mixing system was utilised to achieve the maximum use of the recovered energy. 220C waste heat was used to heat cold air from outside to 120C before further mixing to supply materials and process areas. A total 300 kWh of energy recovered to replace direct gas red heaters.

  • Industry: Security Products
  • Initial Situation: RTO discharge at 220°C
  • Solution: Air to air heat recovery of 300 kWh used to heat process
  • Client Benefits: 300 kWh energy recovery worth over £36,000.
  • Payback: 1.6 years

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