How Operational Group has thrived for 40 years

This month, Operational celebrates 40 years of sustained growth. For any business to thrive for such a long time, company culture is key. So what is it about Operational’s company culture that has stood the test of time?

We asked one of Operational’s longest serving team members, Karen Davies, what the secret ingredient is to Operational’s success.

How did your journey with Operational begin?

I was fresh out of school and went with my mum handing out CVs at the new Manor Park industrial estate. Operational was looking for an office clerk and so hired me.

I remember we have always been ahead of the times in terms of technology, but when I joined in 1988, fax machines still weren’t widespread. I used a typewriter. The accounts team was bigger then, but that’s mostly because now we use technology for everything. Engineers can type their own emails these days.

What’s makes Operational a great place for you to work?

I feel very fortunate to have spent most of my career at Operational Group. There team are fantastic and skilled. But it’s also always been a company that invests in its employees. The culture is built on continuous learning and improvement. For me, Operational invested in my Level 4 accounting qualification (AAT).

What does the 40-year anniversary mean to you?

40-years in business is a huge achievement in this day and age. Not many businesses these days are independent, profitable, and have withstood global pandemics such as COVID and recessions etc. We stay ahead of the times when it comes to technology.

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