Print and Packaging Optimisation Services

Print and packaging businesses can boost efficiencies and control costs in manufacturing processes by reusing their waste energy and optimising equipment and systems.

At Operational, we help print and packaging manufacturers whose activities include:

  • printed plastic
  • polythene
  • packaging for food products
  • foil packaging
  • surface coating
  • laminating
  • metal packaging
  • solvent-based adhesives and inks

Our specialist engineers create bespoke solutions for the Print & Packaging industry by having a deep understanding of the problems these manufacturers face in reducing and recovering energy consumption and optimising equipment costs for greater efficiencies.

One of the largest obstacles print and packaging manufacturers face is the waste solvents that are released during the print and pack process. Usually, these gases are passed through an air pollution abatement system where the solvent concentrations are reduced to maximum allowable levels set by legislation before being released into the atmosphere.

Operational engineers craft bespoke solutions for print and packaging companies with a range of heat recovery, reuse and recirculation techniques. This could include the destruction of solvents, the implementation of a solvent recovery system to recycle the solvent for re-use or the recycling of thermal energy that would otherwise be discharged to the atmosphere.

By using a bespoke designed print and pack heat recovery and reuse solution from Operational, the benefits and return on investment to your business will be considerable.

Contact us today to find out how Operational can help you improve your process and slash your energy costs