Meet the Team: Jens Müller, Service Engineer, Operational Germany

This month we introduce Jens Müller, who is employed as a Service Engineer at Operational Germany.

Prior to joining Operational Group in July 2020, Jens studied mechanical engineering in Cologne for two years to become a state-certified mechanical engineering technician.  Prior to his studies, Jens worked in the automotive sector as a mechatronic engineer.

Jens is based at Operational Germany but has also been working in the field for Operational Benelux since starting his role.  His work is predominantly based around client service visits, carrying out the check-up of LEL-measuring systems and ensuring solutions are running safely and efficiently. He is also training with the project department to simplify his transition into project-based work.  Currently, Jens is working on his first project where he will be responsible for design and installation for one of our clients.

Jens explains that the international nature of Operational Group and having the opportunity to travel to multiple sites was a major factor in him applying for the role.

Jens lives in Kleve, Germany, which is where he was born.  He has also lived in Cologne before returning to Kleve to be closer to Operational Germany.  In his spare time, Jens enjoys reading books and playing football.