Meet the Team: Ross Devlin, Service Engineer, Operational UK

Ross Devlin, 36, is a Service Engineer at Operational UK.
He joined Operational Group in April 2019 and has extensive gas engineering experience.  Ross has worked for over 10 years as an Industrial Gas Engineer working with Furnaces, Smelters, Process Heating, Baking Ovens and Thermal Oxidisers.

Ross was keen to develop his career further by joining Operational Group and has been enjoying the variety of work we have across a diverse range of industries.  A personal highlight in his career to date has been working internationally designing, installing, servicing and maintaining industrial fire testing equipment.  We were very pleased to have Ross join the team and he’s been a great addition to our service offer.

Ross grew up in Stalybridge and attended Tameside Technological College to study Manufacturing Engineering.  He previously worked for a Furnace Construction Company as a Project Engineer and qualified as a Gas Safe Engineer.

Ross has two children, Bryce aged 16 and Annie aged 10.  The family have four dogs, but Ross has an array of other interests too.  A keen fisherman and shooter, he also enjoys indoor activities such as swimming, pool and snooker.  A keen artist, Ross also spends his free-time doing technical drawing and design and painting watercolours.

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