Operational Group Widens Services to Manufacturers with Pollution Control Company

We’re proud to announce that we’ve widened our services to industry with the formation of a new company focusing on odour, air pollution and carbon reduction technology.

The new company, Simdean Group, will complement Operational Group’s existing specialisms and companies across the UK and Europe to provide expanded services and expertise to manufacturers.

Simdean Group is majority owned by Operational Group, based at the Sci-Tech Daresbury in Cheshire, UK.

Ron Constantine, Operational’s Group Managing Director, welcomed the formation of the new company, which builds upon Simdean Envirotec’s long-standing reputation in the industry.

He said: “This is a perfect fit because Simdean Group complements a lot of what we have going on at Operational Group. The new company builds on the experience and knowledge developed by Simdean Envirotec, which was formed over 25 years ago and which Operational has enjoyed a close relationship with for many years.

Simdean concentrates on odour removal systems for waste recovery, composting and anaerobic digestion plants together with general chemical air pollution control, while Operational Group focuses on environmental controls, emissions, driers and energy recovery systems. The new Simdean Group will dovetail really well with Operational and create a much bigger offering to the market. Clients can really benefit from all our expertise and services.

Our group now comprises four individual companies of Operational UK, Operational France, Operational Iberia and Operational Benelux & Deutschland, along with the new Simdean Group.