Meet Operational Deutschland GmbH’s newly appointed Operations Manager 

It’s almost one year to the day that Johannes Piffka joined the Operational Deutschland GmbH team as the Sales Manager. Now, Johannes has been appointed as Operations Manager.

We asked Johannes about his journey with Operational Deutschland GmbH so far.

What projects have you worked on since joining Operational? 

Here in the Operational Deutschland GmbH division, we have a lot of customers in the printing industry, so I have worked on a lot of these projects across Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

This past year I have also worked on one of the biggest projects we have ever had in Germany where we designed and installed a waste air duct and a RTO including a 20m factory stack.

We have recently found that there is a big appetite for improving efficiency and air pollution control systems. The price of energy has never been higher, so our systems are providing a return on investment faster than ever.

What do you like about working at Operational? 

There are two main things I love about working here. The first is the solutions we provide are great. I feel very proud of the products and services we offer.

The second is the team. It’s like a big family. The way we are structured with lots of divisions across Europe means that there is always someone whom I can ask if a customer has a unique challenge.  There is usually someone on the team who has experience with something similar.

What does your new role entail? 

I will be taking overall responsibility for sales, engineering, and administration functions for Operational Deutschland GmbH.

In the next five years, we’re going to be doubling the size of our team. This will create a lot of new mechanical and engineering jobs in the local area. I will be leading that growth by recruiting more members of the team.

What you should do next: 

If you’re interested in learning how Operational can help you reduce your energy bills and implement air pollution control systems, contact us here.