Major Energy Reduction Project

Regenerative Thermal Oxidiser (RTO) Installation

A major flexible packaging organisation is equipped with three washing machines and ten coating/rotogravure printing machines.

Originally the solvent exhaust air leaving the printing machines was treated by two abatement systems: the first system was a 120,000 Nm3/h. Regenerative Thermal Oxidiser with the second system a solvent recovery plant with 150,000 Nm3/h. capacity. Management of these two systems was difficult compounded by inflexibility of the solvent recovery system when process conditions changed.

The Engineers requested Operational to investigate the possibility of better control in the press dryers and central exhaust system to reduce the total exhaust requiring air purification. The goal was to manage the total exhaust air ow in such way that only one thermal oxidiser would be required thus making significant energy savings.


Operational carried out a detailed process investigation and proposed a comprehensive solution to reduce exhaust air from the print dryers, modify the central exhaust system and provide an integrated process control and supervisory system to allow sophisticated efficient management of the system as a whole.

Operational proposed and delivered a solution that met all the goals with the improved situation delivering key costs savings.

Our client’s engineer stated, “Such a system is really cost effective as it permits us to monitor the situation and enable us to detect any dysfunction. In addition to this, the system provides us a clear understanding of the energy balance, energy savings and heat recovery possibilities.”



RTO Cost Saving: 60% reduction of over €50,000 per annum.

Benefit: Second abatement plant not needed and shut down.

Heat Recovery: 4.0 GWh recovered from RTO value of €140,000 pa.

Return On Investment: Less than 1 year.

Environmental Impact:CO2 emission reduction of 1500 tonnes per year.


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